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Evaluating Criteria For Sustainable Campus In Feng Chia University

The initiative of sustainable campus has attracted great attention from both the universities and the society themselves. Therefore it needs to set up a resource evaluation circulation mechanism, especially in university campuses. This paper proposes a framework of a more suitable approach to evaluating campus sustainability. We used the Analytic Network Process (ANP) to figure out each weight that influences the criteria during the decision of sustainable campus, and further to provide decision-makers and designers a reference index guiding school authorities in the policy planning or architectural design by these quantitative data. The result of the survey indicated that the materiality level between dimensions “resource use efficiency”, “resource recycling”, and “discharge of pollutant” are the same, and among the eleven criteria for evaluation, “resource recycling system”, “resource supervise and control”, and “management of sewage systems” is the most important impacting criterion. The finding can function as a reference for Feng Chia university which aim to assess the level of their sustainability in terms of campus in their organization. Index Terms- Sustainable campus, Evaluation criteria, Analytic network process (ANP)