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Evaluation of Transversal Competences Growth With The Use of Selected Practical Training Methods

The underlying goal of the paper is to present the results of testing the reference model in the process of transversal competences development. The tested model is an element of the method that accelerated development of competences, which was developed within an international research project "The acceleration method of development of transversal competences in students' practical training process". Three methods of practical training have been applied in the tested model: brainstorming, group work and problem lecture. The subject of the research constituted students of the Faculty of Management of Czestochowa University of Technology. The increase rate of the following four transversal competences have been evaluated: entrepreneurship, creativity, communicativeness and cooperation within a group. The results of testing are satisfactory. On this basis it can be stated that both the method and the reference model may be successfully applied to develop ability within the tested competences. Keywords - Transversal Competencies, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Communicativeness, Group Work.