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Librarians Vs. Data Curators In Managing Research Data: Complement Or Replace?

Research data must be professionally managed. Research institutions increasingly need data management but do not have a data curator profession. This paper aims to identify the stages of data management and professional roles needed. The librarian profession is compared to the data curator to see the librarian's likelihood of carrying out the role of curating data. The study used literature, observation and interview study methods. The results of the study showed that data management stages must be adjusted to the research and cultural cycles in an institution. Stages could be categorized into eight activities, namely planning, collecting, ensuring, explaining, preserving, finding, integrating and analyzing data. Analysis of the role that librarians have done compared to the need for curatorial data results in the conclusion that librarians cannot directly replace the role of data curators. Librarians must be upgraded to be able to carry out tasks at each stage of data processing. This competence is mainly related to data processing activities using advanced information technology. Indexterms - Data curator, Data research management, Librarian, Research life cycle.