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How To Linking Scientific Publication To Research Data

The policy that ensures research data availability in public archive is getting more frequently implemented among government, funding institutions and journalistic scope. Research data availability is vastly affected by the articles’ age when there is no supporting policy. In Indonesia, as well as world-wide, OJS is a very popular software for managing and publishing scientific journal articles. With its Plugin, OJS can be functioned as a system to automatically deposit research data through SWORD protocol. Authors are able to determine whether the research data will be directly deposited or deposited upon publication. The scientific journal administrator also holds a very significant role in formulating policies on supporting data in each submitted manuscript. Data management implementation could begin with scientific journal administrator as the main port in collecting research data. This essay discusses about the importance of research data accessibility for others. The method used in this implementation is survey for scientific journal administrator and literature study on similar researches that have been conducted before. The analysis output can be utilized as reference for related parties that are actively involved in manifesting research data lifecycle in Indonesia. Index terms- data repository, research data management, research data lifecycle, scientific data repositories, research data publishing.