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Participative Leadership And Trust In The UAE

Employees’ trust on their leaders and managers and how their performance would be influenced - The study picked a sample size of 31 leaders employed across various sectors and companies in the United Arab Emirates and collected information through quantitative means i.e. a questionnaire which included a total of 15 statements addressing the employees’ perspective of the impacts of participative leadership on them. From this a total of 6 statements were for the participative leadership, which was the independent variable in the study while 4 statements for employee trust and 5 for employee performance, both of them being independent variables. Using linear regression (method of least squares), it was discovered that participative leadership was indeed associated with employee performance, and that participative leadership was also found to positively influence affective and cognitive trust among employees. The study concludes with a thorough understanding and explanation of the possible areas future studies could delve into and provides recommendations for doing the same. Index Terms - Participative leadership; trust.