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The Radionuclide Activity Concentrations In Iraqi Bentonite Mud Used In Therapy

High levels of radionuclide activity concentrations in the agricultural soil in southern Iraq have been recorded in 2017. These high ratios prompted us to conduct this work to evaluate the activity concentrations of some radionuclides (238U, 232Th, 137Cs and 40K), and radiation hazard indices in therapeutic Iraqi bentonite mud sold in the markets. 1 kg stone bentonite samples from the main local distribution markets in Baghdad were selected. Each selected sample was prepared for gamma spectroscopy using high-purity germanium HPGe detector. The activity concentrations measured in bentonite mud for 212Pb, 208Tl, and 228Ac which belong to 232Th series, 214Pb, 214Pb, and 214Bi that belong to 238U series, and for 40K, 137Cs radionuclides were low. Also, the skin equivalent dose (H_skin), the effective beta dose (E_β), and the total effective dose that includes β and γ(E_(β+γ)) for a total body immersed in bentonite mud-water bath, are relatively low. Keywords - Radionuclide Activity; Bentonite; Therapeutic Iraqi Mud; Iraq; Gamma Spectroscopy; Germanium Detector; Contamination; Therapy; Skin Equivalent Dose; Effective Beta Dose; Bentonite Mud Bath