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Comparative Study Of The Inhibitory Effect Of Some Natural Products On Scaling Power Of Hard Water

Scaling is one of undesirable problems of natural hard water, which causes enormous technical and economic consequences by the formation of deposit compact and adherent on metallic or not metallic pipes and industrial or domestic installations. In order to reduce the hardness of Bounouara water having a hardness of 58°F, some citrus peel is used as scaling natural inhibitor. In this study we have used electrochemical method of chronoamperometry (scaling accelerated method) to evaluate the scaling power of Bounouara raw water and the inhibitory effect of under natural products (citrus peel) at temperature source 20°. The comparative study of the effect of natural inhibitors was performed by the values of the scaling time and the residual current as a function of the concentration of each citrus fruit. According to the accelerated scaling curves registered at different temperatures of raw water of Bounouara, time scaling decreased by increasing of temperature and the scaling rate increases with temperature. The biochemical treatment of water of Bounouara with citrus peel showed that grapefruit peel extract is the most effective because it works at the lowest concentration for scale inhibition in hard water even at high temperature. Keywords - Scaling, Drinking water, Calcium Carbonate, Chronoamperometry.