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Construction Management Cases in Small Building Construction Projects

It is difficult to build small houses in a urban or rural region because an owner meets lots of risks from planning, feasible study, estimation, design to construction. Conflicts or disputes owing to the improper communication between stakeholders like the owner, designer, contractor, sub-contractor, and manufacturer may cause the construction project to delay or stop. Thus, construction management can be a key success factor to the small construction projects. Many construction projects are built in Jeju. The middle and large projects have competent management personnels, but the small projects need a person or a company to help to complete the project goals. This research shows two case projects. One is a multi-family residence in an urban area and the other is a single-family house in a rural area in Jeju. A construction manager participates in both projects to support the owner. And the research proposes the client-customized construction management platform for small construction projects. Keywords - Construction Management (CM), Small Construction Project, CM for Fee