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The Components of Entrepreneur that Influence Small and Medium Enterprises Service Sector Performance

The study on the components of entrepreneur influencing small and medium enterprises service sector performance is intended to find out factors and components that affect the performance of SMEs in the service sector. The results of literature review indicated that the variables influencing the performance of SMEs in the service sector are market orientation, learning orientation, and innovativeness. Market orientation consists of 3 key factors, namely, customer orientation, competitor orientation, and inter-functional coordination. Learning orientation consists of 4 essential factors, viz., commitment to learning, shared vision, open-mindedness, and intra-organizational knowledge sharing. Innovativeness consists of 3 main factors: openness to new ideas, product innovativeness, and process innovativeness. On the other hand, the performance of SMEs in the service sector comprises 3 crucial factors: growth in sales, profitability, and market share. Reviewing the literature in this academic paper helps develop the research concept that will be beneficial to business organizations. Index Terms - market orientation, learning orientation, innovativeness, SMEs in service sector, performance.