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The Usage of Infographics in A Language Learning Classroom

This poster will demonstrate how infographics can enhance English language learners’ skills and abilities. Therefore, teachers are urged to adopt a versatile technique in using technology that can benefit their English as a second/foreign language students in the classroom, especially with all the challenges that come with using technology.Piktochart is an online tool that teachers and students can use to filter and organize information. Piktochart is beneficial in presenting complex data in an easy way. Summary - Due to the advancements of technology and its emergence in second language education, the role of the teacher changed from that of being the direct source of instruction to a ‘guide on the side’ for the students. In this type of learning experience, the teacher moderates and facilitates for the students (Anthony &Meskil, 2004). A useful online tool that can be used in an English Language classroom is Piktochart. According to Vygotsky (1978) teachers adjust their strategies based on their students’ needs and motivations; therefore, Piktochart can be used to present large chunks of information in a simple and meaningful way. It also helps promote peer communication and feedback by allowing students work and interact within their groups with the help of their teachers. Piktochart can help visualize information for students, especially with 21st century students when certain information needs to be retained. Piktochart is an amazing learning tool that helps language learners connect difficult information to something visual, which makes retention easier. Another benefit of using Piktochart is it makes information accessible for teachers and students ‘on the go’ 24/7. The poster we will be preparing will share in details how teachers can use Piktochart to not only help adult learners acquire language but to also enjoy learning due to the visual aspect of this tool. The poster will also include steps on how to create an account with Piktochart and how to use it. It will also include a description of Piktochart’s design, features, and include additional resources.