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An Experimental Course of EFL Classroom Teaching Associated with the Presentation of Learners’ Local Culture in a Chinese High School

This study explores improved teaching method by adopting the presentation of learners’ local culture in an EFL setting, in which integrated tasks – project-based learning – involving all language skills are designed and implemented in an experimental course to improve students’ target language ability and cross-cultural communication ability. One single class in a high school in China is selected from its parallel classes randomly. The students from this class are all enrolled in this experimental course. A questionnaire and semi-structured interviews about the effectiveness of this course were conducted at the end. The results indicate that students perceived learning gains in local culture’s accurate expression; putting to use English language in training; and delivering English more fluently and confidently in completing every unit. The EFL pedagogical implication is discussed finally. Keywords - EFL, Target Culture, Local Culture, Project-Based Learning