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Molecular Phylogeny of Cyprinidae and Cobitidae (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) – Implication for Mekong Fish

The order Cypriniformes is the most diverse group of freshwater fishes (about 3500 valid species). To date a few molecular taxonomical studies has been conducted on cypriniform fish in Mekong River Basin. The purpose of this study was to provide genetic data and new perspective to the fish classification system in the Mekong River. Combined data of the 16S and COI mitochondrial gene sequences of 42 species representing 30 genera were used to estimate the phylogenetic relationship of the Cyprinidae and Cobitidae by maximum likelihood, maximum parsimony and Bayesian inference methods. All analyses showed the two current families form a monophyletic lineages, with the Cyprinidae was clustered as the sister group to basal Cobitidae. Within Cobitidae, two clades were strongly supported, representing the two subfamilies, Cobitinae and Botiinae. Within Cyprinidae, monophyly of most studied subfamilies was detected, except Barbinae. As well, the placement of Cirrhinus was poorly resolved. Additional taxon and markers need to be conducted to better understand the diversity and taxonomic position of fish in the cradle biodiversity of the Mekong River. Keywords - Cobitidae, Cyprinidae, Mekong River Basin, Molecular Phylogeny, Mitochondrial Marker.