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Relationship of Project Management to Allied Disciplines in The Management Field

This paper inspects project management research from the point of view of its relationship to allied disciplines in the management field and gives a perspective of the advance of project management as a research-based scholastic discipline. This examination which is halfway subsidized by the Project Management Institute particularly explores project management research in allied disciplines from 18 top management and business journal productions and classifies it into eight allied disciplines. The development and patterns of project management research are examined by investigating, distinguishing, and grouping management journal articles on project management in the allied disciplines. The analysis of project management research in the allied disciplines uncovers a blast of ubiquity and solid enthusiasm for project management research. The positioning of events of the eight allied disciplines from most to the minimum showed up subjects throughout the most recent 50 years are (1) Strategy/Portfolio Management; (2) Operations Research/Decision Sciences; (3) Organizational Behavior/Human Resources Management; (4) Information Technology/Information Systems; (5) Technology Applications/Innovation; (6) Performance Management/Earned Value Management; (7) Engineering and Construction; and (8) Quality Management/Six Sigma. Consequence of this examination enable us to better comprehend the advancement of project management as a field of training and a scholarly discipline, and enable us to give proposals to future project management research openings. Index terms - Project management; Allied disciplines; analysis; Top management journals