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Can Intrapreneurship be Triggered by Organizational Culture?

In a globally competitive market, organizations need to innovate continuously in order to sustain the growth path. Innovation can no longer be optional or an alternative but an integral part of any strategy. “Stimulating innovation, creativity, and enabling entrepreneurship by developing Next Gen leaders (CEO Challenge, 2018) is a top priority of any CEO of any organization. Innovation thrives in an eco-system that promotes tolerance to ambiguity, tolerance to failure, encourage creativity, excellent engagement of manpower, nurturing and nourishing the latent talents, empowerment of the staff and avoiding employee surveillance and micro management. An attempt is made in this article to analyze the triggering factors for entrepreneurship in any organization. An analysis of as to how Microsoft has been encouraging and triggering intrapreneurship helped in coming out meaningful analogies over the positive relation established between the culture of the organization and entrepreneurship.The paper is exploratory in nature and the ideas are drawn from various research article and books. Keywords - Intrapreneurship, Tolerance to ambiguity, Tolerance to Failure, Microsoft.