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Learners’ Preference Regarding The Written Corrective Feedback: Comparison Between Engineering And Non-Engineering Students

A growing body of research has examined the effectiveness of written corrective feedback for second language writing. An area that has attracted considerable attention recently is how students perceive the usefulness of written corrective feedback. However, research in this area has largely focused on students’ perspectives, with fewer studies comparing different students’ opinions. Moreover, being aware of the fact that students from different programs may apply certain learning styles to suit the nature of the program, this study investigated how foundation engineering students and non-engineering students perceive the usefulness of different types and amounts of written corrective feedback. Quantitative data was collected from randomly selected number of foundation engineering as well as non-engineering students by means of questionnaires. Theobjective of this research was to highlight the probable discrepancies which may occur in the opinions of different group of students regarding the methods of providing written corrective feedback.Regardless of limitations for this study, results showed that there are no significant differences between the opinions of the two groups of students. Keywords - Written Corrective Feedback, Feedback Types, Learners’ Preference