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The Challenge of Visitors’ Experience of Museum Nasional(Mn) in Jakarta, Indonesia

This research is aimed to studythe challenge of visitors’ experienceof Museum Nasional (MN) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is a case study approach employing descriptive statistics and semi qualitative analysis. The sample size is 251 respondents. The convenient sampling technique is applied to collect the primary data. The result of this study shows the evidence that the visitors weresatisfied with the MN in terms of museum’s cleanliness, service delivery, collection display, and ambience facilities. As well, the visitors intendto recommend others to visit MN. Most of the respondents agreed that the visitors’ density at that time was high (83%). More than half of themperceived that this condition deceased the level of their comfort (58%). The research recommends that MN management should renew the museum ‘services in order to increase the level of the visitors’ experiences. To do this, the management should introduce electronic reservation system, which will automatically registerand schedule group visitors based on the “first come first serve” principle. In addition, this is also meant to prevent bottleneck situationat the peak hours.Besides, the management should be innovative to introduce novelties based on the visitors’ preferences. Key words - Visitors’ Experience, Museum Internal Regulation, Electronic Registration System, Novelty Seeking.