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Adopting Innovative Practices for Mathematics Skill Development

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution with emerging technology breakthroughs, reskilling and upskilling are critical in the workforce. The fast paced advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will require employees have the right skills and capabilities to make sense of the available‘BigData’.Coupled with this is a need toreform basic education as well,to cope with the Big Data analytics demands of the industry. In order to cater to thisapproachingskill shortage, students must learn basic skills of combining computer and Mathematics capabilities. Recently, the Australian Industry Group raised concerns about the level of numeracy skills in the workforce. This paper takes a modest step to address this issue by introducing a new subject in an ICT higher education curriculum to uplift Mathematics skills using innovative practices. We present a pilot study with a small group of students to assess theimpact of the changein the curriculum on their skill development. The overall results of the study reveal that the students show improvements in their numeracy skills,with positive impactin adopting the experiential learning framework. Index Terms - Employability, Mathematics skills, Data analytics, Higher education, Curriculum, Experiential Learning.