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The Development Of Thai Music Skills For Thai Qualifications Framework For Higher Education: Case Study Of Rajabhat Universities In Bangkok

The aims of the research were to study Thai music skills in Rajabhat universities in Bangkok curriculums and to develop Thai music skills in Rajabhat universities in Bangkok for Thai Qualifications Framework for higher education. The subjects for this study were 4 Rajabhat universities in Bangkok by interview 7 lecturers who teach Thai music skill. The result revealed aspects as follows:1)Thai musical skills, the students must learn the major instruments and learn another instruments which they interest more than one instrument, learn to sing Thai songs and learn Thai percussion. The songs were to be based on ability and development of learners. The lessons will be adjusted according to the occasions. Moreover, the lessons will vary based on the occasions to show, the type of band and ability of the musicians. The songs were separated by the band : Pipat Band, Mahori Band and Kroung-Sai Band. 2)For Thai Qualifications Framework for higher education, the students ought to learn the songs from Thai Standard Framework of the Office of the Higher Education Commission which had 8 steps of Thai songs in each bands. The music student must past the standard examination in step eighth by national artist or Thai professional musician or the music expert who recognized nationally decision the examination. Keywords- Thai music skills, Thai qualification framework, Rajabhat Universities