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Women Empowerment as a Strategy of Socioeconomic Development: With Reference of Both Developed and Developing Countries

Globally women are playing a greater role in socio- economic development especially in rural areas. This study was conducted to assess the contribution of women empowerment to social economic development in both developed and developing countries. To achieve this general objective, this study specifically aimed at analysing the main challenges faced by women, ascertaining the mechanisms used by Women’s Opportunity Centres to empower women and establishing the relationship between women empowerment and socio-economic development. The study used both descriptive and correlational designs. The total target population was 381 people from Women’s Opportunity Centre, located in Kayonza District, the sample size was 79, but only 76 respondents were analysed. The study used stratified and systematic random sampling method to select respondents, who were selected to be part of the study. Data collected were qualitatively and quantitatively analysed. The first and second objectives were analysed using descriptive statistics, whereby the third research objective was analysed using correlational statistics. Statistical Packaging for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16 was used to analyse the data collected. In relation to the main challenges faced by women in Kayonza District, of 76 respondents, 59.2% said that as members they do not have a chance of accessing personal loans, while 40.8% said that their cooperative doesn’t have opportunities for marketing their products. On the mechanisms used by Women’s Opportunity Centre to empower women in Kayonza District, the study revealed that, out of 76 respondents, 3.9% have access to loans while 92.1% have access to training. With regard to the relationship between women empowerment and socio-economic development, the study found that women empowerment affects socio-economic development at the rate of 0.954 according to Pearson Correlation. According to the research findings, this study recommends that both men and women in Kayonza District should work together in the society to bring prosperity. Women must raise their voice for their rights and they should be self-confident. Empowering women is essential for the development of the economy of the world. Key words - Women, Empowerment, Strategy, Socio-Economic and Development