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Power Point Presentation and the Image of High School Teacher

In the article will discuss the scientific literature on PowerPoint presentations and their potentials and risks in teaching, pedagogical, methodological, and scientific research process, which allows understanding the potential of PowerPoint image. PowerPoint presentations are still demanded today, their capabilities are still rich, but in order to use them correctly and effectively, the PowerPoint must be handled in accordance with your own personality and the purpose of the lesson. Then will discuss the study on the role of PowerPoint in creating teacher's image. Consequently, students pay attention to how requirements of double morality regarding student requirements and teacher presentations are created. However, students whose media skills are often at higher level than teacher’s media skills focuses on presentation’s formatting issues, a reasonable use of presentation elements, the symmetry of ethical requirements, manipulative techniques in teacher’s work with the PowerPoint and respecting/neglecting copyrights. Keywords - PowerPoint, presentation, image of high school teacher