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Social Media Addicted Students’ Failure in Learning a Foreign Language

While making arrangements for humankind and innovation to go up, to illuminate the shades of the life and to add more flavor to our lives, there are insane individuals of utilization, who are far from correspondence in the period of correspondence and living only for their self-images with no tentative arrangements however the minute that they are in to go through with pleasure and this is individuals surmise that given by web based life or web offices. Thusly, there is no reality to get ideal training in instructive organizations and therefore, there is no faultless kind age.As a matter of fact, whatever is made ought to be utilized first for mankind who needs satisfaction, solace, wellbeing and ease. Commitment to the profession is highly important in terms of building a successful organizational system. Step by step instructions to conquer this issue is given ...... obviously with volunteers, who are knowledgeable and committed their lives to instruction.Regardless of whether these volunteer mentors get into this addictive cycle ... at that point, the work will be so difficult, in light of the fact that mankind is kicking the bucket. Unfilled, rude and impossible individuals are going to encompass us.... In this article, the researcher works on two groups who are in elementary level English of which is the experimental group of 19 students and are let to use their mobile devices freely for educational purposes while learning the language at lesson time and the other group, as the control group of 17 students, who are restricted to use any mobile devices for learning the language at lesson time. The experiment goes on for 6 weeks and in the end, the researcher comes to the conclusion that using mobile devices to set free atmosphere while learning a foreign language in a classreduces students’ learning pace and there isa linear relationship between learners’ social media addictionor/and keeping mobiles active at lesson and their unsatisfactory GPA scores. Keywords - Invention, Social Media Addiction, Learning Pace, Technology.