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The Future of E-Commerce and its Effect on Entrepreneurship

Ecommerce – the technology with which companies manipulate to stay on top in their various niche is constantly changing. Factors like improved delivery time, excellent customer satisfaction, awesome shopping experience, improved products and services and after sales service remain a constant that companies improve on to boost sales and increase profitability. The future of e-commerce cannot be determined by any scientific calculation, but the mission to improve on the above stated factors can help companies and entrepreneurs spot the trends and stay ahead of the game. Entrepreneurship has evolved over time, what it took to become an entrepreneur in the early 1980s is quite different from what it is now. Land and labour were basic requirements for an entrepreneur to become productive, but with the advent of e-commerce, they are becoming less useful. Entrepreneurs can now automate so many tasks that were ordinarily done by labour; some entrepreneurs do not need to acquire land to run their businesses, just owning a good e-commerce store or even trading on social media platforms are all they require to operate. Customers can also check out on all these channels at the comfort of their homes thereby further reducing labour related activities. This paper will focus on what the future holds for entrepreneurship considering ecommerce as the playing field. Keywords - Entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Land, Labour