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Regional Cohesion - Challenge for Regional Policy

The paper provides discussion about the administration arrangement of Georgia and assesses the possibilities of development of the regions of Georgia in terms of existing approaches. It’s worth mentioned that municipality level is the only level of self-governance in Georgia and Georgian legislation doesn’t define the term “Region”. The work analyzes the efficiency of the existing practice of spatial-territorial arrangement and division of regions. Historically justified regions in Georgia have elaborated development strategies, but their existence isn’t effective as in most cases united territorial entities under one region are significantly different in terms of various factors. The approaches to the economic development of the regions in Georgia don’t respond to the challenges faced by the country and fail to ensure the competitiveness of the regions. The study reveals the problem of regional inequity based on the different indicators, that shows Georgia is strongly monocentric country with territorial, social and economic disparities. The research focused on the study of economic development models of regions in EU member countries. The EU imposes certain framework conditions for its member states or/and states which aim to become candidates for future membership of the EU. The paper presents recommendations that will facilitate the improvement of regional development approaches in Georgia and minimize problems which Georgia faces on the way of implementation of EU requirements / recommendations Keywords- Regional Policy, Strategic Planning, Economic Development, Regional Disparities.