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Educational Integration between Public Education and Higher Education in the State of Kuwait as Approach to Educational Reform

Based on the importance of investment in education along with the necessity of education reform with the aim of narrowing the gap between education outputs and labor market needs, the present study aims at identifying the most prominent reasons for the educational integration between public education and higher education and the related requirements to achieve it in the State of Kuwait for the purpose of coming to a proposed model for the mechanism of the educational integration between the concerned institutions. To this end, the study has adopted the analytical descriptive approach by applying the content analysis approach based on the collection and analysis of the information from documents, literature, researches and dissertations related to the subject of the present study. The proposed model will help to enhance the quality of the outputs of the educational system, and to achieve its intended objectives efficiently and effectively through the foundation of an educational integration council to prepare integrated strategic plans whose job would be to improve and develop all the aspects of the educational institutions in the State of Kuwait as well as coordinating among them. Eventually, the study has concluded with a number of recommendations which may open the horizon for researchers and scholars especially in the field of educational integration, in order to continue the process of education reform and raise the efficiency of the educational system. Keywords - Educational Integration - Educational Reform - Public Education - Higher Education