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Supportive Channels and Their Impact on Cross-Cultural Adjustment: Reflections on Sri Lankan Expatriates in Asia

This study explores the impact of extended organizational supportthrough human resource management practices and social support on cross-cultural adjustment of Sri Lankan expatriates in Asia. It has integrated a series of activities, which were already well researched in an isolated manner in different contexts. Thereby the main purpose of this study was to investigate how organizational support and social support given throughout expatriation (including both pre-departure and on-assignment period) can intensify cross-cultural adjustment of expatriates.A questionnaire method was employed to survey 55 Sri Lankan expatriates. Hierarchical regression analysis was mainly employed to analyze data. The results provided thatorganizational support through HRMPs of selection, training and compensation make influence on at least one dimension of cross cultural adjustment of Sri Lankan expatriates on individual basis.Findings of this study confirmed that bundling of HRMPs are more sensitive on cross-cultural adjustment than that of the individual impact of HRMPs. The available positive influence of social support channels on cross-cultural adjustment indicates the necessity of being mindful to give strategic orientation for welfare programs of organizations. Index terms - Expatriates, cross-cultural adjustment, organizational support, social support, HRM practices