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A Study of Learner Behaviors and Content on Learning Website

Analysis of person personality is a cluster of individual differences behaviors comprise concepts, sentiments and actions. The behaviors presents person characteristic and execution of them. Learning web application is a website which have various content for learner and there are abundant type of content on that. There are many type of content file format for learner on the website. Learner behavior influences of the content which they choose for study on the website. Behaviors is personality of person and there are personality analysis about grouping of individual differences behaviors consist of concept, sensibility and execution and that behaviors shows typically of person and action of them. Explanation of deportment is a composition of personality theory too. Then, person personality may have an influence in content file on any lesson in learning website. This paper aim to find the relationship between person personality and content file format on learning website. Index Terms - Personality, Big Five, Behavior, Content, Content Format, Learning Website