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Boss or Bossing: Perception of Baliwageño Employees to their Managers

This study aims to introduce the concept of ‘bossing’ as leadership style which is a Filipino trademark. This study is in search for authentic Filipino Leadership Style. The word ‘bossing’ which is popularly used in the Philippines, came from the western concept of ‘boss’. It may pertain to the manager, but the word ‘boss and bossing’ have different connotation. The researcher find out that there are significant differences on the perception of the employees on the usage of term ‘boss’ and ‘bossing’. The respondents of this study are the employees from Baliwag Transit Inc (BTI) that holds office in Baliwag, Bulacan. This used the quantitative research. Also, this research used the Descriptive Comparative research method. The data gathering procedures were conducted through questionnaires, checklist, and interview framework. Index Terms - Bossing, Filipino Leadership, Baliwageno, Leadership