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Consumer Perception about Online Sales of Food in Indian Consumer Market

The study enumerates the perception towards online trends of food sales that the contemporary consumers hold. Adjacently the study accelerates its claims to the essence of the digital platform and the corresponding influence it projects upon the said perception. In the current scenario of India, people have changed their views regarding the online purchase of food. This growing world of E-commerce and E-businesses have proved to minimize the hassles of acquiring food. Consumer perception is being molded in this age of information and technology and it is being molded into an affirmation towards online food delivery. The growing numbers of food acquired through online medium suggests an upward trajectory of consumers’ dependency on the internet. The study hence looks to inculcate the essence of food in people’s lifestyle and the ease offered by the online mediums in acquiring it. The study also segregates the subjects by age to understand the consumer index appropriately. The versatility in the age of the subject size and the engagement of each categorization with the online medium will assist the paper in identifying the influence of ease and comfort on acquisition of food which is spread across the Indian population. Keywords - Online, Food, Sales, Consumers