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Self-Directed Learning and Students Performance: A Contextual Review

Self-directed learning is gradually becoming an integral part of the curricular activities in various institutions, the need to finding an approach of instructional models different from traditional class room teaching for student as part of a lifelong educational movement has increased tremendously and educators are strategizing and becoming more creative as they accept the role they have to play in ensuring that students understand the concept of self-directed learning. This paper therefore explores the concept of self –directed learning, as well as models which have been propounded by scholars over the years. A review of literature is based on online materials and Key words include self-directed learning and university students. Self-directed learning as a concept is based on auto-formation, and educators merely become facilitators of learning. Though there is no acceptable definition of self-directed learning or method of learning, however educators must ensure that methods adopted should test students’ readiness to self-directed learning and preparedness for lifelong education.