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Early Childhood Development On Self-Discipline By Conducting Story-Telling Activity Incorporation With Practicing

Self-discipline development during early childhood is crucial for children behaviors. This research aimed 1) to improve self-discipline of children in the Child Development Center at SSRU 2) to test whether story-telling activity incorporation with practicing can improve self-disciplinary development. Subjects were 3 children at the center, who usually do not tidy their shoes and toys and do not do their beds, specifically selected. Research tools were study plan and behavior assessment. The study plan consisted of 12 sessions of story-telling incorporation with practicing (3 sessions per week for 4 weeks). The experimental design for this research was a single group pretest-posttest time series design. The statistics used were median and standard deviation. The results showed that the story-telling activity can improve self-disciplinary development in these children where the level of disciplinary of these children is greater posttest compared to pretest. Therefore, story-telling activity incorporation with practicing could be further studies to be used as a tool to promote self-discipline development in early childhood. Keywords - Self-discipline, story-telling, early childhood education.