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Examination Of The Springback Parameters for Automotive Bodypart With Finite Element Simulation

It is very important in terms of cost and time to correctly estimate and compensate for the springback during sheet metal forming. Experimental and analytical studies are available in the literature for the prediction of springback propagation. The multiplicity and diversity of the parameters that cause springback makes it difficult to analytical modeling of the springback. On the other hand, the development of finite element method package programs over the years has made the end-of-line method indispensable for industrial and academic work. However, the results obtained using the finite element simulation method should be verified by experimental results. In this study, the amount of springback was tried to be reduced by the application of the drawbeads which is used in sheet metal die industry in the process of deep drawing of the vehicle body part having a tensile strength value of 270 MPa. Finite element simulation results and the results obtained in the real environment has been validated. In addition to the work done, the effects of material thickness and modulus of elasticity on the amount of springback were investigated. Index terms - Springback, springback compensation algorithm, finite element analysis, deep drawing proces, elasticity module, material thickness, drawbeads