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Wireless Sensor Network Based Healthcare Monitoring System: A Review

Development in healthcare monitoring systems which permit an incessant remote patient monitoring and diagnostics by doctors. The wireless nature of network and use of sensors provides new approach to healthcare system. There is no physical operation required; all the things are automated by the use of wireless sensor nodes. By staying at remote place, doctor can operate patient easily with the help of technology use in wireless network. In this paper, we present an idea for better improvement in healthcare system in India with the help of information technology by using wearable on body sensor and in body sensors for patient continuous monitoring. These sensors take the reading of patient and send it to doctor and can help the patient for improving health. In this paper, we discuss various techniques and innovation with new trends in wireless sensor network for continuous health monitoring. The main aim of this proposed system is critical patient can be operated by doctor as soon as early to save the life of critical patient.Wireless sensor network plays an important role. This paper is purely a survey of earlier work of different Authors. In proposed architecture sensor modules are connected to one single low-cost micro-controller, which has capability to process real-time signals generated from bio-sensors and transmit through either patient’s phone or any other means. This kind real time data will help to doctors to detect issues and solve them before disaster occurrence of remotely situated patient. Keywords- ICT, ECG, WBAN, SMS, IoT.