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The Cult Of Voudou And Pentecostal Christianity: Possession Crisis Vs The Effusion Of The Holy Spirit

Culture and religion are notoriously difficult concepts to define; they remain however a set of historically transmitted meanings allowing people to communicate, to weave relationships and relations between them and even to enter into communication with supernatural beings. Some researchers and specialists in human and social sciences are still very indifferent to cultural and religious phenomena. For them, they are phenomena that are not quite worth the effort, energy or scrutiny. Fortunately, there were men and women like Freud, Geertz, Poher, Dolto, Sales, Stein, Guy R. St-Arnaud who have been able to make it a subject of study and for several years, these concepts have been an area of interest for a growing number of people eager to understand the relationship between the individual, its culture and its religion. For my part, I firmly believe that any cultural and religious phenomenon influences either directly or indirectly, the behavior of the individual. Voodoo and Christianity are two of the main religions practiced in Haiti, as in many other countries, to which two ritualized phenomena, commonly known as TRANS, are respectively attributed: to Voodoo, the phenomenon of spirit possession and to Pentecostal Christianity, that of the effusion of the Holy Spirit. These very significant religious and cultural phenomena are, for one reason or another, confused and poorly apprehended. Therefore, a comparative study is far from being the concern of our century researchers under the pretext that they are phenomena that cannot be measured and quantified statistically. Statistics, says the other, "can only describe the most superficial appearances, those that can be counted". It is true that religious phenomena are not quantifiable, but a monograph made by carful observations can promote their discovery and their understanding. This is what this qualitative study is proposing. Index Terms - Voodoo rituals, ritualized phenomena, Pentecostal Christianity, Spirit possession, Holy Spirit effusion.