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Beyond The Soft Power Politics: Rise and Shine of Public Diplomacy in International Relations

Power is defined in many ways by many political scientists but in a served within the system and to direct the decision and actions of others. Power basically can be divided as hard and soft power. Hard power is broad sense it can be described as a state’s power comprising both military and economic ability (power) to influence other nations within the international system. Power can be coercive, manipulative, attractive or even competitive. It all depends on the ways that any state adopts, to get its interest the old traditional military power and in contrast to that soft power is more of a unique tool of any government. It is actually the ability of any government to attract and influence others without using force. Soft power is the power of seduction which includes debates on cultural values dialogues and ideologies. The main and most important instrument through which soft power works is “DIPLOMACY”. Diplomacy is the game of negotiations which makes it the most important element of any nation’s Foreign Policy. Diplomacy is often described as an art of science of conducting negotiations. It acts as an instrument for establishing as well as developing contacts between nations and this also happens through some intermediaries (organizations) recognized by both the parties. It is also required in the modern international system to manage the complex interstate conflicts. Traditionally, diplomacy is defined as relations between nation states and an important part of any nation’s integral soft power politics. The scientists divided diplomacy into several “TRACK”s. Track I and Track II are the most commonly used ones and are also comparatively primitive. Public diplomacy is the latest of all and is quite a success, has also gained huge popularity. This paper shall discuss about track I and II diplomacies and their weakness and also describe Public diplomacy and how it is in itself a more mature type of diplomacy than the other two.