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Teacher-Student Perceptions And Experience Of Large Esl Classes At The University Of Sindh, Jamshoro Pakistan

The issue of large ESL classes has been most researched problem in the context of developing countries. This paper investigates ESL teacher-student perceptions and experiences of large classes. The participants of the study were ESL teachers and students at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro Pakistan. The study used mixed methods design and the data were collected through teacher-student questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Findings indicate that both the teachers and learners find large ESL classes difficult and ineffective for language learning. The problems such as insufficient participation of students, lack of communication between the teacher and student and students and students, adequate teacher feedback and class management issues were most recurrently mentioned by the participants. In order to reduce the intensity if these problems, group and pair workwas suggested. Index terms - ESL, Large classes, Teacher, Student, University, Perception, Experience