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Development as Innovation of Standards in The Market Place

This presentation brings forward a slight different approach to the dominant philosophies of development. Its purpose is to go beyond the limitation of dominant philosophies of development that consider development as either economic growth or as an improvement of freedom, liberty and human rights. The philosophy that links development as innovation of standards recognizes the work of all technicians and technocrats working in the business world. This means that development is seen not only as the reduction of poverty, famine, unemployment, gender inequality and government oppression, but also it embraces the outcome of the labor of every technicians and technocrats related to the improvement of standards of products, services and quality of human life. Hence, the focus is on those standards that improve condition, processes, products and services utilized in the society with the aim of bringing satisfaction to the users and improving the quality of human life. The quality of human life refers to all multifaceted dynamic conditions of living that signal an advancement of wellbeing of people and their societies.This presentation will be divided into three parts: 1) definition of the term ‘development’, 2) importance of innovation of standards, 3) link between development and innovation of standards. Keyword - Development standards innovation wellbeing human life