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Digital Drivers of the Advertising Market: Current Issues and Challenges

The purpose of this research is to analyze one of the most rapidly growing segments of the media industry—the digital market and the drivers of its growth. The authors use the example of Russia—a country with a dynamically growing advertising market, which is an indicator of the economic situation. The authors show that the transformations intensify the development of the segment of Internet communications and span all the traditional segments of the communications industry—television, radio, press, and out-of-home communications. The accompanying changing forms of relations between the key market players—advertisers, media companies, communications agencies, and research companies—are presented in the work as evidence of this transforming impact. The managers would clearly realize that the absence of control systems on the part of communications structures may lead to the loss of interest in Internet advertising on the part of the key advertisers. Achieving transparency of new communications formats can only be made possible by means of coordinated actions of all the interested market participants. That is why reaching such a consensus is a relevant task of the modern Russian communications management. This study adds to the literature by studying the technological nature of digital drivers together with their transforming impact under the influence of socioeconomic factors. So, efficient digital communication requires complex managerial actions. Key words - Marketing Communications, Crisis, Digital Technologies, Media, Advertising Market, Content.