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The Politics of Petroleum Marketing, Fuel Scarcity and Subsidy Management in Nigeria: A Study of Energy and Development in OPEC Member States

This paper examines the politics of petroleum marketing, pricing and subsidy management of OPEC member country Nigeria. It takes into consideration the contending forces that operate in the Nigerian energy market Scene. The study covers the role of the government in the energy market place in its attempt to shape national and regional development interest of the country noting the importance of subsidy management to benefit its citizenry. While the government objective is praise worthy, it hardly meets that objective interest because of intractable challenges in the downstream sector.The paper also examines subsidy management in select3ed countries to ascertain if there are differences and similarities and if the Nigeria situation has a unique character. This is because it is believed that a Cabal exist to control the energy market scene such that with or without subsidy removal, it makes no difference for the poor masses access to basic energy resources. Notwithstanding there is a good prospect for the way forward.