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Estimating Willingness to Pay For Plastic Bag Waste Management in Bangkok, Thailand

The globe has concerned about adverse effects from plastic bag use. Many countries then set the regulations to take control plastic bag distribution such as plastic bag ban and levy. The plastic bag levy cannot only grain the revenue to improve the quality of plastic bag waste management, but it also directly affects as the strong sign to customers and make they realize the plastic bags are not for free. However, in Thailand, these kinds of implementation still lack, so the customers still currently get plastic bags for free from a store. This study then focuses to elicit the willingness to pay (WTP) by contingent valuation method with payment card and determine the influencing factor. Therefore, the regression result shows that attitude about environmental preserving and support for plastic bag levy are correlated with willingness to pay. 1.43 Bahtor US$0.044per a plastic bag is the mean willingness to pay for plastic bag waste management in Bangkok. Consequently, policymaker can apply and set the new regulation for charge with the levy while people eventually start to realize more about environmental problems and cut their use of plastic bags. Keywords - Contingent valuation method, Plastic bags, Plastic bags levy, Willingness to Pay.