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Incorporating Lesson Study into Student Teachers’ In- Campus Practice: Challenges and Sustainability Issues

This paper presents the challenges and sustainability issues in preparing future secondary mathematics and physical sciences teachers for the K-12 curriculum in the Philippines. A 3-day seminar-workshop on Lesson Study and inquiry and problem-solving approaches was conducted in preparation for the in-campus teaching practice. As a result of this training intervention, the pre-service student teachers became conscious of their teaching styles and approaches. They learned how to critic constructively and to work in collaboration with other pre-service teachers. Although the student teachers found the experience beneficial, they felt that formulating an inquiry lesson or problem-solving approaches take so much time to prepare and are difficult to implement using college students as the laboratory class when the syllabus demands to be covered quickly. Other issues are discussed in the paper. Index Terms - Lesson Study, Pre-service training, professional development, secondary teachers