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Online Learning Promotes Creativity Among 16 Year Old Innovation Students

This research aimed to study the process of online learning to observe the development of students’ creative ideas. This three months quasi-experimental quantitative study focussed on students’ creativity who are taking Innovation Subject. Samples are 16 year old students from two secondary schools; 36 students from School X, which is the experimental group and 40 students from School Y, which is the controlled group. Students from School X went through the treatment (online learning) while students from School Y went through traditional classroom learning. A total of 76 (36 +40) Form Four students from both schools were tested with Torrence Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT) instrument for both the pre-test and post-test to measure their creativity. Four components from TTCT were used in assessing; Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration and Fluency. Results from t-test has shown that there is a significant difference of mean score between those two groups. The group of students who underwent the treatment (online learning) is more creative. This showed that online learning has successfully promoted students creative ideas aligned with the government’s wish and education blue print, which is to produce more creative and innovative society. Keywords - Online learning, Creativity, Develop Creativity, Cloud