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Information Model of the World Cruising Companies for the Period of 2016 to 2020

There has not been dealt with information model of cruise ships for the period of 2016 to 2020 so far. In a scientific paper, the most important variables of the model are given: Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Limited and the remaining cruising companies. The model examines the synergistic effect of the share of passengers and the share of revenues by international cruising companies. It also answers the question what can be expected in 2020 in the field of research. It starts from a mental verbal knowledge about world cruising until 2018 and matrix model gives direct rates of selected cruising variables in 2020. Following scientific methods will be used in the paper: the method of analysis and synthesis, inductive and deductive method, generalization and specialization method, comparative method and the method of proof and disproof. Key words - Passengers, Ship, Tourism, Travel, Income, Turnover, Growth.