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Women Entrepreneurs-Owned Enterprise In Transitional Economic: Key Influences On Cohesiveness, Innovation And Sustainability

The purposes of the research were 1) to study the entrepreneurship, cohesiveness, innovation and sustainability and 2) to study the effects of entrepreneurship, cohesiveness, innovation toward sustainability of women entrepreneurs- owned enterprise in Northern Region 1 of Thailand. It was the quantitative research and the sampling group was consisted of 222 women entrepreneurs-owned enterprises. The tool used for the research was the questionnaire, and the data were analyzed by descriptive statistics including the percentage, standard deviation and structural equation model with SMART PLS technique. The outcomes of research revealed that the level of importance was at high level on all factors with sustainability of small enterprises, the following were innovation, entrepreneurship, cohesiveness, opportunity seeking and risk management. The outcomes of structural equation model were that the innovation had the most direct effect toward sustainability of enterprises, and followed by the cohesiveness which had direct effect toward the innovation, the entrepreneurs had direct effect toward cohesiveness, the risk management had direct effect toward cohesiveness, and the last opportunity seeking had indirect effect toward cohesiveness of enterprises. Index Term - Entrepreneurship, Cohesiveness, Innovation, Opportunity seeking, Risk Management and Sustainability of Small Enterprises