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Comparing the Traditional and New Approaches of System Requirements Modeling

The information system development is supported by conceptual modeling through the requirements communications to the client during the analysis and design phase. Based on the research conducted, the traditional approaches divided the functional requirements (FRs) and non-functional requirements (NFRs) in two different conceptual models, while in communication with the clients, only the conceptual model of the functional requirements is being addressed. Therefore, the traditional approaches have been started to be challenged by scholars because of the continuance of the still high failure rate of the information systems. The focus of the paper is the comparison of the traditional and new approaches based on the literature review and the client`s and developers` perspective. This outcome contributes to the research community to continue the idea of integration of the functional and non-functional requirements in one conceptual model because of its importance during the system development. Keywords - Conceptual Modeling; Functional and Non-Functional Requirements; Traditional Approaches; New Approaches; Information Systems