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Intercultural Competence of Indian Engineering Students: an Assessment and Need for Development Training

Cross-cultural competence (CCC) and sensitivity to the nuances of an exceedingly interconnected world have become extremely imperative in successful professional and social interaction. Competing in the global arena requires the higher education system to train their graduates appropriately for the global workforce and groom them as effective university ambassadors. Considering the increasing importance of CCC, this paper aims at analyzing the existing intercultural awareness among the Indian undergraduate students and attempts to gauge the level of understanding that they possess. For this, a questionnaire has been administered on 226 students. The results of the survey have provided an insight into the existing presence of cross-cultural knowledge and the impact of educational initiatives that have helped students acquire cross-cultural competence. The working paper also highlights how apart from sensitizing students towards varying norms and practices, the suggested educational ventures may arouse curiosity about other cultures, prevent cultural shocks and make the students better team players and leaders, thus paving way for sound professional readiness. Index Terms - Business Etiquette, Case Studies, Cross-cultural competence; cultural shock; Hofstedā€™s Cultural Dimensions