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Influence of Networking on Female Entrepreneurship in Patriarchal Societies: Role of Cultural Effect as Moderator

The main aim of the study is to explore the difficulties and barriers female entrepreneurs encounter in patriarchal societies. The paperintends to study the influence of networking towards female entrepreneurs specifically in developing economies and patriarchal societies. The study further anticipates examining the role of cultural influence on mainstreaming the female entrepreneurs to overcome the difficulties and barriers. The target population of nine hundred fifty-eight women entrepreneurs involved in SMEs all over Pakistan. (N = 950). The sample size of this study is four hundred twenty-eight (n = 428) comprising women entrepreneurs engaged in the SMEs. The current study applied snow balling technique for data gleaning. The current study followed deductive approach. The strategy applied in this study was survey.A survey-based questionnaire was used for data gathering. SPSS and SEM were applied for data analysis The study portrays that there networking is positively and significantly correlated with all variables, i.e., networking and social norms (0.296), networking and legal barriers (0.312) networking and institutional barriers (0.364), and networking & family support (0.336) level of significance. The policy makers should ensure more female entrepreneurs as role models and feature in advertising campaigns so other female can view them and adopt entrepreneurship career. The networking can resolve all issues accept constitutional and regulatory arrangements. Keywords - cultural and legal barriers, cultural influence, female entrepreneurship, gender stereotype, Networking, patriarchal society.