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Electrical Heating System Performance Evaluation of A Noval Heating System in A Public Transport Vehicle

Internal combustion engine based commercial passenger vehicles use engine coolant, passing through heating coils, as a heating source. The system requires vehicle engine to be warmed up to a certain temperature to be able to provide enough heating performance for the vehicle cabin. Because it takes too much time to heat engine coolant at winter conditions fuel fired heaters, especially for the cold regions are need to be added especially in to diesel engine cooling circuit to warm-up coolant to required temperature. This results with an increase on the exhaust emissions left to the atmosphere as well as increase on the vehicle fuel consumption. Meanwhile, FEVs (Full electric vehicles), which are getting more and more popular at every other year, have no internal combustion engine and hence not enough heating source other than the battery to be used to heat up the passengers. Therefore, available technology is not enough to meet heating requirements for the full electric commercial passenger vehicles. Hence, this article has been prepared to inform the experimental study being done about a novel fabric-based heaters performance tests on a commercial passenger vehicles. Keywords - Fabric heating, public transport vehicle heating, innovative heating, novel heating, vehicle electrical heating