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The Effect of Applying Orem Self-Care Nursing Theory on The Clinical Practice on University Nursing Students, Khartoum State, Sudan

Background: To successfully perform as a nurse one must have a foundation of theory rooted in their philosophy that drives their actions. Without the driving force of theory in their practice. Material and Methods: This is Interventional research study aimed at determining the impact of applying nursing theory on the third year students nurse during the academic year (2015 – 2016) at Bahri University. Elneelain nursing students were enrolled as a control group. The sample size was the total coverage consisted of 218 students (133 were represented the study group and 85 were represented the control group ). The data were collected using a pre designed questionnaire and observational checklist were used to monitor the student’s clinical performance ( pre and post training program). The data was analyzed using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). The results showed that the students were acquired knowledge after intervention specially in relation to the ability to designed nursing care plan for any patient and the self care requisites and the student's considered the Orem was the best suited in the Sudan (98.5 , 99.2% and 81.9%) respectively compared to the control group (00.0%, 00.0% and 00.0%). Results: showed that the students practical skills improved after Orem theory graded as. 30.1% for Excellent, 45.1% for very good and 24.8% good. While control group showed poor performance. Conclusion: The results concluded that the knowledge and practice for all study group acquired the skills of applied Orem theory in the practice. The study recommended that all nursing schools in Sudan should adopt Orem nursing theory in the curriculum and in clinical practice.