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Planning the Route of Shipping Network by Considering Hub and Spoke System

The medium-term of Indonesian economy faced a fundamental challenges which still constrained about the development complementary production factors that inhibit the achievement of higher economic growth and quality. World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed that level of competitiveness in Indonesia is still left behind especially in infrastructure pillar, technological readiness pillar, and innovation pillar. This study aims to classify small ports that located around the port hubs in each region so that the distribution of goods process becomes more optimal and shipping costs can be minimized. After classify the data soit can be seen that shortest distance between hub and spoke which can be passalso grouping spoke based on the nearest hub. To support the latest route planning, SWOT analysiscan be done in order to determine that route planning of hub and spoke has been appropriate to improve port infrastructure based on times, resources, and also logistics costs. Keyword - Port, Infrastucture, Shipping, Classify, Hub and Spoke, SWOT Analysis.