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The Impact of Web Marketing and Advanced Networking in Underdeveloped Countries

This paper focuses on social media’s aspects and social media marketing of Food Fun Shop Company in order to explore and increase the growth and benefits. Marketing strategies play a vital role in boosting the business as an enriched, profitable role. Social Media, today, is among the ‘best opportunities available’ to a brand for connecting with prospective consumers. Food Fun Shop is a well maintained marketing company as it presents an overview of social media marketing in Pakistan. IT based teamwork services allow consumers to have the visual touch of the desired spot, it helps clients to help them find social services like restaurant,(e.t.c.),where ever they are when ever. Furthermore, the user can view the ratings and reviews of the desire spot. We our services are to instigate the international users to come in or for local with the help of four squares that is designed to store the nearby spots. For security we designed multiple software, hardware firewalls and encryption, and different types of servers to back up of client data. But due to the overload of user data and some bad web security issues that are quite challengeable. Still many areas of concerns are there to ponder attention. As an underdeveloped country we still lack facilities and advancements. Research horizons are open for all updated and effective IT trainings and techniques to make it more feasible and effective not only for the consumers but also for the profit oriented companies. Hence, we should use cloud technologies and other IT advancement in future to avoid issues and to make it more consumer friendly. Key Words - Social Media, Information Technology, Web Marketing, Marketing strategies